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I’m not good with words. This is evident in how I try to express myself. I tend to look up and try to gather my thoughts as I stumble through the words that come to mind in that moment. Tau will tell you I am a scatterbrain of note. I’ll be saying something but interject with an unrelated topic at times. 

The good thing about blogs is the edit button. You can press backspace and all the unnecessary stuff gets deleted. We don’t have that luxury in life. You can’t take back the words you’ve said in anger. You can’t take back the absentminded burst of gossip you really wanted to keep to yourself. Or even the not so impressive line you just delivered at an interview. (Have you ever played back an argument or a situation in your head and thought of a better or more compelling answer than the one you had said in the moment? No? Darn, it’s just me then.) 

I feel like I made a major blunder today with my words. But I’m choosing to let it go and not take myself too seriously. God is good. And I’ll hold on to what He’s said to me…


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