Faithful to the faithless

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God is faithful.

Those words have come up in different ways over the course of my relationship with God, more especially this year. It feels like a lifetime ago now but I can still remember so clearly crying out to God in the beginning of the year. Have you ever been in a place where you feel like your back is up against the wall and there’s no way out? I had recently resigned from a job with no guarantees of the future. A lot of people thought that was a stupid move (after a while I started to doubt too, any Thomas’ out there? Raise your hands) but I knew what God had said to me and at the time it was all hunky dory until after a few months of searching for a job and a few interviews where people just never really got back to me, I felt trapped. I started to question whether I had made the right decision, started to wonder what exactly God is was doing but it sure didn’t feel great. Money was running out. Honestly, my faith started to wither and I felt like the guy in the bible who asked God to help him with his unbelief. 

God was faithful to me when I struggled to trust. He still is. I heard Him whisper to me, affirming His nearness even though it didn’t feel that way. 

And 8 months into the year, I’m more or less at the same place as I was then and those 3 words still ring true. God is faithful. Whether I am or I am not. Whether I’m on some trust high or have no faith at all. Where I do not know the future, I know that He is good.

Today my best friend shared a video where this lady speaks about the winter seasons in life. You can watch it here. What stands out for me is when she mentions the barren trees.    Funny enough, I’ve never thought the leaves on barren trees would never grow again. There’s just this instinctive “spring is coming and everything will come to life again”. Friends, I want to encourage you to trust that God will bring things to life again in your life, whatever the need is. He is faithful to us as much as he is to the trees in winter while they rest and He’s doing stuff in the background that no one can see. He is faithful when spring rolls around and he clothes them in many shades and colours. 
And whatever season of life you’re in, He is faithful to you too. Even when you have no faith left, He is faithful and He will carry you through. 


One thought on “Faithful to the faithless

    tauraikurebwa said:
    August 25, 2015 at 9:38 am

    Such an amazing post, thanks for the encouragement gummie!!

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