At the bus stop.

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Today I was at the bus stop, waiting. And while I waited, this guy came, wheeled in my direction. Stopped a few feet from where I was. I greeted, he greeted back. He told me he was tired. I offered to come closer, give him some of the shade from my umbrella since it was blazing, my red feet even told the tale. He said he needed the sun. He said he. Was having trouble with Wits and that they had excluded him for a very minor thing and he went on to explain what it was. What caught me the most from what he said was this: he said he was at peace. Whether things were going south or otherwise. He said that he would prove people wrong. He had been told that people in his predicament never finished with their studies, that the odds were against him. His name, he said, is Themba. Hope.


Today I learnt something. What’s important? What are your priorities? Never neglect the people you love because you’ve got work to do, especially when they need you the most. I’m glad I learnt this lesson early on in my working career. I am sorry. I hope I am forgiven.


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