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Happy New Year er’bady! Hope you’ve all been enjoying it thus far. I’m pretty excited about the year!!! I’m too much of a realist to think its going to be peachy but I think for me, I’ve decided that I’m going to make the most of every day. Just hoping that I follow through and that by the end of maybe even by the middle of the year when the excitement with which I planned to do stuff is gone, I’ll still seek to see things through with all that I’ve promised or sought to do. But that’s just an aside…

Gratitude is something that’s been on my mind a whole lot lately and something happened a few minutes ago that made me see how important it is. I think we as humans always have this tendency to compare blessings, the success of our relationships, how much we achieve in school and even what kind of family you’ve been brought up in, with others and I think its sad that that is the measure we use to determine if we should be grateful or not. I remember at church this other day, my pastor, PJ Smyth was talking about this very thing, although probably slightly different, it was more to do with self-righteousness I think? (I am so bad, aren’t I? Need to listen to that preach again) and I remember how challenged I was by this concept. A month or so later, woken up by someone who’s on the phone,here I am. My first thoughts were, phew! At least my situation isn’t as bad and we’ve already gotten past that. But then something in me questioned this, so if things were going bad, would you still be grateful? Ouch much?

So I guess today, I’m encouraged to be grateful. And to find things to be grateful for, especially when things are not going well. I want Psalm 34:1 to be what I do, always.


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