One step forward, ten steps back…and hope.

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You look back
Oh, but you’re so good at that,
aren’t you?
No wonder you keep on crashing
Maybe you shouldn’t be in front of the wheel
No, you shouldn’t.

Remember the days when you used to have a posse?
You had a million and one options
Back up plans at your beck and call
Now you feel lonely because you decided to “foolishly” part ways with them
You think it will fill the emptiness if you go back
“Why does it seem better then, than it is now?”
You ask yourself

Its funny because even then,
you were lonely
Well, the curtains are open
You’ve been stripped bare
Its plain to see
You were hiding behind them
If this were a game of hide and seek
You’d be found easily
“You found me, You found me”

Your hands itch, they shake
“Just one more time won’t hurt”
It will
You go through page after page,
it doesn’t help, does it?
The quick fix’s stink isn’t so quick to leave
What did you think you’d gain?
Why do you constantly taunt yourself with the past?
Why do you love to take ten steps back?
For what? A moment? A puff of smoke?
Calling it pleasure is far too kind of you

So after a series of falls and slow wakings,
You tell yourself
“Its over, I’m done with you”
Aaah, finally.

It gets easier
But its hard as hell
Staying away

Telling your eyes not to linger where they shouldn’t.
When your fingers inch closer and closer towards that button, deciding to put that phone down
You so desperately want to chat but you don’t initiate that conversation
Walking away,
Running away

It gets easier.
Easier said than done.

Its good for your heart

Its good for mine

If its just a set of rules,
You’ve missed the point.
Find the point

It gets easier
Some times harder
He’s got your back

Because with every passing second comes a second chance

Its been hard but each day, He gives me the strength to fight. And I take it. I take it. I’m deciding to take it. </3


One thought on “One step forward, ten steps back…and hope.

    tauraikurebwa said:
    December 5, 2012 at 11:26 am

    couldn’t have said it any better

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