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Today when I was in the shower, I thought of some of the things I was struggling with and where I was going wrong and I remembered the love chapter (1Corinthians13) because love had been such a recurring thought for me in the past few weeks, particularly loving when its hard to because I feel I’ve been failing dismally in that area of my life. Its funny because more and more, its as if God has been shifting my mind from focusing on what has been done (I really need to work on that whole training/renewing my mind thing) to where I’m going wrong. Its so easy to get caught up, make scenarios in your head, feeling like you need to be vindicated for there to be some kind of release in your heart. No one ever wants to do the hard work of loving in a tough situation, letting God work with your stubborn and rebellious heart and that’s the path God has been taking me down. Tough but necessary…

So today, when I was going through all these things and the scripture came to mind, I thought it would be cool if I pencilled down some of my thoughts concerning love, maybe for next few days, weeks? (Darn, now I’ve put myself in a tight spot and made a public declaration of accountability *face palm*) And the best place to start?


There’s a passage in the bible where Jesus is talking to His disciples about there being no greater love than someone laying his life down for his friends (John15:13). That really just got to me. Laying down your life means letting your selfishness and your pride take a back seat to consider the other person. Then there’s the fact that Jesus did that for us, people who weren’t loveable, people who more often than not shove His love for us right back in His face. I mean can you imagine that? That’s been really challenging me, even now as I think of it.

What more encouragement do we need to love than that? He so freely loved us, why not share this great love that we have the awesome privilege of knowing. And I guess for me, its always a reminder, that I can never love anyone if I don’t get it from the source…


2 thoughts on “Love…

    ZiphoZihle said:
    October 22, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    Love this: I can never love anyone if it’s not from the source

    Babalwa responded:
    October 23, 2012 at 12:25 am

    There’s no other way mntase 🙂

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