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Have you ever really wanted something with your whole heart, dreamt of it, thought about it, made scenarios in your head about it? What was your response when you finally got it?

About two months ago, my mom just out of the blue said she’d send me money to buy a phone that could do more than just text and receive calls. Its something I’d been wanting for a while, what with most of my friends being on whatsapp, I always felt like it took an extra bit of effort for people to communicate with me so this would make my life (and the life of others, ehem) easier. So when it came up, I was like, “wow, its finally happening”. I remember distinctly how I felt. It was surreal. What I’d been hoping for for a very long time was coming to pass and my brain was a bit slow in processing it.

Ok. Maybe the phone example wasn’t the best one to use because I have another in my head, something that happened today (and the day before and a week ago). And although great because its something I’ve wanted for a long time, I got to thinking, “really Babalwa? This is what determines your happiness? This is what you thought would make you happy? Now what after this?”. I think its great to have desires and its also great to celebrate and be happy when God decides to give you those things (well even if He doesn’t but that’s a story for some other day) but letting those things determine your “happiness”, well not too sure about that.

Just making this a friendly reminder to myself. There are lots of great things in the world but I always need to be careful of making them the ultimate. It is only in Christ that I can find true joy, something that surpasses this pseudo-happiness that is fleeting.


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