The Chemical, the comb and the heart

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So I went to the salon today. First checked out the one I usually go to (ridiculously low prices I tell you) but it was to full and I wasn’t in the mood for a patience lesson today, checked another but didn’t have the money for it then finally settled for a price elsewhere that was sort of in the middle. I was thinking in my head how women subject themselves to torture just to look good. If you relax your hair like me (see exhibit A), then I don’t know how on earth we constantly go back to:

Strike 1: the harsh chemical that almost, if not always, burns your scalp
Strike 2: if the hairdresser isn’t very careful, burns your already tender scalp with the water. *sigh*
(Ok, here I should add how the cold feeling that comes from the shampoo sort of makes you forget your troubles. I always look forward to this part of the hair relaxing(straightening) process)
Strike 3: that monstrous thing called a hairdryer. If its not in my hand, standard is I’m going to get burnt all over again.
Strike 4: (just for good measure. this one is a personal turnoff) the end result? Super oily hair. And those sometimes ridiculous styles that scream I JUST CAME FROM THE SALON. LOOK AT ME!!!

All for the love of beauty right?

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was my experience today. Very much like what I’ve mentioned but the only difference was what she did in the beginning. There are certain thing I’ve grown accustomed to regardless of which salon I choose. The hairdressers more or less do the same thing. Today, I watched as the lady did not use a comb on my chemical infested hair, just her hands. I’ve always thought to myself, maybe the thin-toothed comb sort of makes sure the hair gets straightened but as I saw today, that isn’t the case. It is the chemical that straightens, not the comb and I think sometimes we get our wires crossed on that one. Sure the comb helps but you can do with out it.

Almost feel like that comb. And God? Well its obvious isn’t it?

He’s that strong, straightening out the crookedness of our ways. Just want my heart to be willing to be straightened out and not stubborn, reluctant to change.


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