3am blog-posting therapy

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I can’t sleep. This usually happens when I’ve got something on my mind so i figured putting some of my thoughts out there would help somewhat. Lets see how it goes…

I was recently listening to this other lady who spoke at the Godfirst women’s camp. She said a few things that caught my attention and the one I’d like to zoom in on is how women have this thing of wanting to compare themselves to others or maybe to the societal standard. Its that need of approval we seek. “If I get straight A’s, maybe then my parents will finally accept me” or “Maybe if I start wearing short skirts like her, he’ll like me”…

Its so tempting and dare i say easy, to fall into such a pattern of thinking and its been a struggle for me but always being reminded that God approves of me and loves me. The most mind boggling part is that I didn’t do anything to earn it..

As I am.

And He loves us enough not to leave us where we are but to be more like Him. That’s my prayer this morning..


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