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This blank page is staring at me, I’m not completely sure what to write. There’s just so much going on in this little head of mine, incapacitating thoughts keep me glued to that single bed. Bad dreams, fear so tangible I could even touch it.

Believe heart, come out of your shell. Its been far too long, long overdue now. Look up to the heavens, what do you see? An overwhelming Love, like a storm, like a fire, consuming from within…

…and what you’ve been mesmerized with are the big black tentacles around your blood dripping heart, suffocating all your attempts to pump, breath. Just a little, laugh, love

Where did you go wrong dear heart? Why did you turn away from your Source, your Sunshine? That continually filled your face with thousands of smiles amidst the torrents, the rushing waters. Go back, go back dear heart. That is your only hope, your only solace…

Have you ever been hurt before? Fearful? Hung your head in shame, hated where you were, what you had seemingly become?

Go back dear heart. Go back to your Maker. No one knows you any better, cares, loves you any better than that great Love. You will be mended, made whole again. New.


I wrote this a few days ago, and I guess even now, in the midsts of the heaves and violent shivers, it still rings true. Made me think of a hymn my best friend once mentioned to me (we used to sing it in high school)

Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Look full in His wonderful face

And the things of the earth will go strangly dim

In the light of His glory and grace


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