I’m ready.

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Funny, didn’t think I’d be back so soon. I guess now I feel like I have a renewed sense of purpose and I now have a different reason to write. I thought of starting a different blog, start afresh but I thought to myself, I had already started this journey. Just that I had to take some time out, realise and figure some things out on my own. And I have..

I remember in the beginning, I had some big plans, lots of people reading my blog, get lots of recognition, feel good about myself (sounds pathetic right? Right). Now, I’m going to write for me, for you but most importantly for Him. That’s who I’m dedicating this blog to. And if by some stroke of, well I dont know, someone stumbles upon this blog, reads it even as is blessed? Well I will be more than glad πŸ™‚

So yes, I am back. Consider this the first of many to come πŸ™‚


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