Stepping Out…Scary.

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So today we’re celebrating National Women’s Day and i spent my day with beautiful ladies from church, at a ladies day event that addressed the issue of the scandals in our lives and just how God loves us and wants to use us despite those scandals. I think the one think that struck out for me was when one of the ladies was sharing her testimony with us. Ok before i go on, I must confess, I have this habit of zoning out during some preaches and I find that God would be addressing something in my life that most likely isn’t even related to what the sermon is about. sorry to all the pastors I’ve listened to out there hihihi 🙂 So back to today. So I guess for me, God was just reminding me of something that has been on my heart for quite a while now. Just how I should show or shine out His love, like I have this passion for people and this care for them that I feel has been dampened by past friendships and relations with people that have left me hurt all because I was always seeking reciprocity and I never got that and now somehow, God is just resurrecting that in me. So just stepping out, trusting God you know, laying all my fears aside. Not the easiest thing I tell you. God is always reminding me in small ways that I should never place my hopes too high in people because they disappoint just like I disappoint sometimes but that my contentment should be in God. I thank God for just how patient He’s been with me, when I’ve just been on some “I cant do this” tip He’s still there, pursuing me and taking me in steps which is pretty cool.

So this week marks the beginning of me stepping out, laying my reservations aside and really trusting God and letting Him lead me into what he has called me to do in this season. Just to end off, its amazing how God uses the most reluctant and the people who think they aren’t worth it. Never think God can’t use you because He can and He will 😀


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