Beautiful things…

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So today I was walking through the streets of King, taking in the fresh air since I wont see this place for a while. I was momentarily engulfed in the sea of school children as they made their way back home from a long first day of school. oh how marvelous it is to be a varsity student!!! Haha, on my way back, I walked passed by what seemed to be 13 year olds, a boy and girl. I’m not sure but I think I’m weird. I somehow find it beautiful when a man and a woman walk hand in hand. Like wow Lord, thats beautiful :o) and a smile always creeps up on my face. But you know, I find it amazing how from a very young age, we always tend to gravitate towards the opposite sex. Little kids playing “house” and how they’d take up roles of being the “mom” and being the “dad”, the puppy love we have when we’re in primary school and how it intesifies as we grow older, wanting someone to share your life with. I’m reminded of when God said to Adam, “It is not good for man to be alone” and how He made Eve from him, to help him, to be a companion to him. That to me, is beautiful 🙂


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