A long walk…

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You know the saying “A picture says a thousand words? Just been taking a trip down memory lane, some good memories, some bad but just thinking of far God has taken me. I’m currently listening to a song by Fred Hammond called “All things are working” and just thinking back to some of the turmoil I’ve come out of, situations I thought I’d never get out or break free from and today, I’m standing because of the grace of God. I remember a couple of weeks ago I heard someone say that most times, people seem to think they only need the grace of God when the going gets tough and when you’re really down and out and need a sort of “pick me up” in life.  We seem to forget that it is the grace of God that keeps us standing even on the good days when we have nothing but smiles on our faces…

The title is just something I thought of just now. You know how life seems to be like this long walk and there are lots of pit stops, detours, dead ends and u-turns along the way but ultimately a destination at the end. ( Hahaha random thought: I remember this other day I was walking with a friend of mine and I didn’t know how long it would take to get there and I kept asking “Are we there yet?” I think I’ve asked God that question countless times) A smile surfaced on my face. Knowing that I’m not walking alone, God is with me like literally every step of the way and when I get tired, He’s the one lifting me up, being my strength. I think the thing now, for me is being sensitive to God’s voice, hearing Him when He’s like “slow down” or take notice of the little things He’s showing me along the way or even if maybe there’s rain and a storm is approaching and I’m beginning to be afraid, how He reassures me to trust Him.

Isn’t God awesome? 🙂


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