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You know you sometimes kind of wish that you could get back one of those good characteristics that you once had? I think foe me, the ones that stands out the most  are sensitivity and that deep sense of care and love for people. I guess all of us (well i definitely have) have used life and bad experiences as a scapegoat to explain or rathaer justifysomething we know we should’nt be doing. A classic example of this would be: “I’m sorry I acted that way. Things is I’ve been hurt before so i’m protecting myself”. Sound familiar? Then we expect the other party to understand and just let it go. Not to say we aren’t making a valid point but for me, for someone who wants to be like Christ, I am now asking God for grace never to use my past hurts and disappointments as an excuse not to care, to hurt people or treat them badly just because I’m “protecting my heart”. I guess for me, thats always an indication that I haven’t really gotten over stuff, really sorted out the root of the problem. Reminds me of this song I’ve been listening to quite alot over the past week and I felt it speaking to me. Its a song called Its the only one you’ve got by 3 Doors Down. I hope it speaks as much to you…

Memories have left you broken
And the scars have never healed
The emptiness in you is growing
But so little left to fill
You’re scared to look back on the days before
You’re too tired to move on
And now you think that you’re the only one who doesn’t

Have to try
And you won’t have to fail
If you’re afraid to fly
Then i guess you never will
You hide behind your walls
Of maybe nevers
Forgetting that there’s something more
Than just knowing better
Your mistakes do not define you now
They tell you who you’re not
You’ve got to live this life you’re given
Like it’s the only one you’ve got


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